Do Escorts Have Real Orgasms?

Please not that while we are aware that escorts are not exclusively female, based on the topic we will be focused on females.

The Escort Mindset

This question of orgasm arises based on the circumstances that lead to intercourse in an escort’s line of work and the consideration of the internal factors involved in female orgasms. First, escorts provide a good experience for compensation. It can be argued that since this situation is purely transactional and enjoyable sex requires a degree of mental stimulus for women, the result is that orgasms will range from fake to non-existent.

While the reasoning behind such an argument is understandable, it fails to consider the preparation and requirements involved in doing escort work. An escort cannot put up a façade for clients as a prostitute can simply because of the various functions and roles they need to fulfill. They are expected to be well-mannered, good listeners, great companions, good conversationalists, etc. To do this, they must genuinely take interest in what they are doing, even though there may be a lack of interest in the person.

This is all to say that the expectation (and the reality based on a couple escort accounts) is that escorts try to avoid mechanical sexual intercourse. This means that there is an attempt to establish some sort of chemistry to spark their genuine desire to give their clients a memorable experience.

The Client and Her Body

Now that we have established the more often than not “positive attitude” that escorts enter the agreement with, we must consider the combination of the client’s desire, ability to please and we must also consider the escort and what her body will respond to.

Remember, these are women first and escorts second. What this means is that the traditional rules of bringing a woman to climax still apply, even with the context considered. There are some clients that will want to bring their escorts to climax as some people want to please whoever they have intercourse with. Many people are just as interested (if not more interested) in getting their partner to climax as they are in their own orgasm. Just as these people exist, it also stands to reason that some persons only care about their own orgasm and this is also a reality that applies to the clients an escort can have.

The next factor to consider is that women are complex creatures. Let’s paint a picture here. A study by SOGC.org reveals that only a third of women climax from intercourse. A second third require additional stimulus (with intercourse) to do so and the final third will only ever orgasm from oral or manual means.

What’s the Answer?

Based on all that has been said here, many parallels have been drawn between the sexual reality of escorts and non-escorts. As that is the case it’s only fair to infer that escorts do have real orgasms, but not all the time. “Ask an Escort” host Sierra Pine states that she orgasms about 20% of the time but fakes it for clients who deserve it that fall into the other 80%.

Respectful Dealings with Escorts

Respect is one of the most integral principles to any business or personal relationship. The line of work that escorts and involved in and the stigma attached have given rise to various forms of disrespectful behavior being exhibited towards them. If we’re being honest, much of this article should be a no-brainer, however, we live in a world where people believe that respect must be “earned” rather than a world where people are respected by default. With that out of the way, let’s have a quick gander at keeping interactions with escorts along the lines of respectful.

Your escort is a person

Can this one be any more obvious? The issue stems from the common belief that escorts are simply more expensive hookers and so they are to be treated as such. This perception is disheartening for two reasons. The first is that escorts don’t sell sex, they sell their time. The second is that actual hookers are also humans and they too are deserving of your respect regardless of their profession. Try this exercise – imagine that it takes a woman 10 dates to be really into you. So much so that she would be willing to have sex if you so desire and you don’t want to mess up your chances with her. Your time with your escort (especially your first time) should be a summation of those 10 dates. Make your introduction, have a good conversation and all questions are on the table once they are asked respectfully. Once your escort feels good about you, she’ll make you feel good in return.

Don’t behave in an entitled way

Your money is being spent and that is understood. However, if you think that means your escort should now bend to your every whim, have no qualms about your abusive behaviors, and become your slave (and not the sexy kind), then you are really underserving of a positive experience. You are the type that is rude to waiters/waitresses for no reason and you are an ill-mannered child at best. Do not make this mistake and turn what should be a valuable and enriching experience into a hot mess.

One of the biggest reasons for this kind of behavior with escorts is the perceived requirements for their job. From the outside, you may look down on escorts because the skill set required for the job seems to fall into the category of un-skilled at best. Accept that people have various means of making ends meet and the fact that you use their services, whether escort or trash collector, means you should not dare look down on them.

Do some research

The best way to ensure that you function in any situation effectively is to ensure you understand it. The same principle applies to escorts. Apart from looking up the next escort you want to hook up with, do some independent research on the complexities of their job. Maybe a better understanding of who they are, what they do and what they are trying to provide you with and accomplish will make you respect them and interact with them in an amicable manner as a result.

Who are the clients of an Escort?

Escort services are quite popular and seem to see increased demand with each passing day. Considering the nature of the business, even if the requirements involve occupying a public space, steps are usually taken to not make it apparent that an escort service is being used. This, however, is no deterrent to the curiosity of persons who never cease to wonder if there is a type of individual that will call up an escort. To take it a step further, many have seemingly come to an agreement that escorts are typically called upon by rich, somewhat old men who are lonely and have no chance of getting with girls as physically attractive as escorts are.

News reports and internet sources have publicized various scandals where individuals are “busted” after some discovery of their escort service patronage is made and these people tend to fall into a certain mold. They are typically wealthy individuals with a high social and corporate status. Realistically, it shouldn’t be a problem for someone to choose to use their money on escorts; however, these individuals have made it a point of duty to hide it because of factors such as political commitments or even more shocking, marital commitments. With those factors considered, it becomes easy to see why people have the image of this kind of person in their mind’s eye as this is the typical media portrayal.

The truth is the question raised does not have a definitive answer. The only sources of this kind of information are escorts and the clients themselves and since the clients are not usually forthcoming, that leaves us to turn to the escorts for answers. According to a couple escort accounts, there really is no type that they can put their fingers on. While the type mentioned above admittedly makes up a large portion of their support, this is not a complete representation of their clientele.

It can be inferred based on the wide array of attributes listed by escorts that there is no race, age, occupation, social status, class, education level or any quality that can be used to label the cross-section of escort service patrons. Clients can be married or single, looking for business or pleasure, etc. One escort even confessed to seeing clients as young as 19 years old and even went on to say that she has taken the virginity of quite a few young men in her line of work.

While this is not the answer that many persons would have expected. If we really think about it, then it really does stand to reason. An escort is known for offering her time at a price. The service literally becomes whatever the client wishes to do with it. The only common factor, therefore, needs to be a willingness to spend the required amount of funds. Consequently, the type of persons that are interested could be looking for a date night, sex, a talk, a means of getting over a heartbreak or even someone to play darts with. The lack of a targeted service allows for client variety and endless income possibilities for the escorts.